Why should I choose embroidery? 

The quality of the production is exceptionally high. The embroidery is durable, even when put under harsh conditions, like repetitive washing and even ultraviolet rays. These factors will save you money and time, when you need your logo for working clothes - the embroidery will stay for a longer amount of time. When you need your logo on everyday workclothes, the embroidery is the cheapest and most qualitative solution.  

What kind of embroidery/print can be manufactured?

We can make an embroidery or print using your own projects, or create a new one, based on your requirements.  

Why do I need embroidery? 

You can brand your own t-shirts, shirts, advertising materials, fabric chairs and much more. 

What do you need for manufacturing an embroidery. 

The image/logo you want to be transfered in embroidery or print. 

In what format do we have to send you the image/logo?

Preferably vector file format (*.EPS, *.AI, *.CDR file). The project can even be made out of a smartphone picture (*.JPG) but it will cost you more, because an additional fee is added for vectorizing/drawing of the logo. 

How much time it takes to fulfill an order?   

It depends on the quantity and difficulty of the order, so there is no fixed time. In order to be absolutely precise, we will give you an exact time for completing your order after we aquaint ourselves with your requirements.  

Can you make me a 3D embroidery? 

We are specialised in 3D embroidery manufacturing too! You are welcomed to our office, where you'll be able to see examples of our job.  

Can you presonalise my order?

Yes, we can personalise your orders with names, numbers, etc. In case of a bigger order with lots of names, we require a list of them in .xls or silimar format.

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