Who are we?

inspired to create...

Our company K&M Commerceis more than 10 years leading the field. In order to keep our place among the best in the field, we keep improving ourselves every day and sustain the quality of the work and the professional production. Since 2006, our main services include design and making of machine embrodieries on a variety of textile items. Throughout the years, in result of our team's hard work, we strenghtened our position on the bulgarian market and started  working with foreign companies.

Our main goal from the beginning, to this day, is  to satisfly the needs and requirements of our clients, with our qualitative work in the shortest time, while being considerate with the client's ideas from the beginning of the process until its very end.

Througout the yars our capacity increased repeatedly, which made us create our tema - young and motivated people with modern thinking and in touch with the new technologies, as well as staff with pleople, who work in the same field for years and are aware of the slightest detals in the branch.

These days, besides making of machine embrodieries, we offer much more services, including textile print and much more, just to make sure that this is the place where you'll find exactly what you're looking for. 

In result of our hard work and the many years in the field, we are confident in our abilities to take any challenges you throw at us, that are connected to our speciality. Find us, and you'll receive considerate attitude and professional results!

What do we do?

The main specialty of К&М Commerce is professional design and producing of machine embrodiery, but besides that, we offer many other services, that can satisfy even the most demanding clients' requirements.

We use different technologies for textile printing and variety of materials and surfaces. We offer sublimational print, done with high-quality materials and machines. that can be used not only for textile, but also on cup pads, photo-panels and much more. We also make transfer printing, mainly for textile materials.

We work with high-quality materials from recognizable companies, so that we can keep the quality of our production high. For all of our partners' catalogues, chek here: